All our birds are raised on pasture where they can enjoy fresh gress & insects. We receive the chicks when they are 2 days old. We put them in a brooder house for around 2 weeks.

When the chicks are about 2 weeks we move them out side to pasture for about 6 more weeks. This is where they are put in a movable pen. They are then able to have fresh grass, scratch for insects, stay clean and healthy.

These birds are the freshest & greatest tasting chickens you can buy.

Listing last updated on Jun 4, 2013

Raised on grass and an all natural grain diet; no hormones, steroids or anti-biotics were ever given to our chickens.

Our whole birds dress out between 4 - 5 lbs. and sell for $15.00 a bird.

We also have pasture raised egg layers that lay brown eggs. They are $2.50 a doz.

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