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We farm raise and sell state inspected Bison (Buffalo) meat. Our Buffalo/Bison are primarily grass fed. We do not use any hormones or antibiotics. They have plenty of pasture to roam and do not "just" stand on a feed lot. During the season I attend the shelbyville (sat) and Greensburg (Fri) farm markets. We do accept phone orders at the farm where you can come and pick it up. We also offer a limited amount of Bison By-product i,e, skulls and hides, seasonally we also have Bison wool if someone spins. We only pick it is raw unwashed wool.

Listing last updated on Feb 9, 2009

Fresh Frozen State Inspected Bison/Buffalo Meat available for sale. Bison is the healthy red meat...if you research you will find that it is lower in calories and higher in iron. Bison is a non-gamey tasting red meat. Very Beef just use a lower temp in cooking due to the leaness of the meat. I have been told by customers that it is like "old fashioned meat" and very flavorful. Bison is also a value as you have less shrink due to the leaness of the Bison.

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