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My wife, our 3 sons, and I started our beef cattle operation in 1995. Today we have included the families of are 2 married sons. Our entire farm is devoted to pasture, hay production, and beef cattle. All of the beef we offer are from our closed herd of brood cows. We never buy sale barn cattle to be fed out and sold. All our cows are conceived, born, raised, and finished on our farm.

We invite you to call or visit our farm to discuss our beef production operation Please try our beef products and judge for yourself the quality of our beef.

Please phone ahead to visit just to make sure we are home. Thanks

Why Grass-fed, Grass-finished Beef Our beef is hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free. These cattle spend their entire life on quality forage, in the pasture, no grain, no feedlot - Ever! If you believe we are what we eat, and that what we eat is what it eats, here is some information to consider:

Grass-fed beef is lower than feedlot beef in total fat and calories. Grass-fed beef contains extra amounts of vitamin E and beta-carotene.

We don't want to try to prove to you that fresh produce from the farm is better for you. We don't have the scientific background to do that. We do know that a lot of research suggests naturally grown produce/meat has more nutrition value for you. You need to decide the merits for yourself. HOWEVER, if you are looking for fresh beef, homegrown, tended with care, you just found someone who would like to meet you!

Our Vision We want to produce healthy, excellent meats for our family, friends, and customers, to return the land to a balanced state in terms of soil fertility, quality forages, animal health and enhanced quality of our lives. Then we want to be able to sustain this balance and it's profitability. The way is not clear and it is not easy. We owe our thanks to those who have purchased our Grass-fed beef and to many who have helped us at the farm. We admire those who are ahead of us in this journey and hope to learn much more as we continue.


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