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Circle V Farms is a family owned and operated farm nestled in the beautiful mountains of east Tennessee. We specialize in pasture raised poultry. All members of the Visser family help where there is a hand needed on the farm. In 1996 Tom Visser purchase the first part of Circle V Farms and since then his family grown and the farm has been expanding ever since. Tom, with his three sons, Riaan, Richardt, and Reuben do all they can to tend to their animals needs and keep them in the most natural, happy, and healthy environment.

All our animals are proudly raised naturally on pasture and are antibiotic free. All our poultry are rotated regularly to keep them on a fresh supply of pasture. So, our birds always have fresh clean water, a beautiful view, and green pastures to roam.

We raise pasture raised heritage and giant white turkeys for fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. We also have frozen turkeys available year round.

  • Young Pasture Raised Giant White Turkey: $3.75 a lb.
  • Young Pasture Raised Heritage Turkey: $4.50 a lb.
  • We raise layer chickens for fresh pasture raised chicken eggs.
  • Pasture Raised chicken Eggs $4.00 a dozen.
  • We raise layer duck for fresh pasture raised duck eggs.
  • Pasture Raised Duck Eggs $3.00 a 1/2 dozen ; $5.00 a dozen
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    Listing last updated on Apr 29, 2014

    Place your order now for fresh pasture raised turkey for Thanksgiving Day!!

    Schedule and Location:

    Market Square Farmers Market Knoxville Tennessee

    Pasture Raised Duck and Chicken Eggs.
    Fresh Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys.

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