Ciresi Vista Field & Forest Products

SPENCER, Indiana
Family Farm

This is the place for local berries, greens, tree nuts and wild salads.

My produce is considered hard to find or exotic (e.g. sassafras root, American plum), and approximately 1/3 of the four dozen items ARE AVAILABLE FRESH DURING THE WINTER MONTHS. A great many of the products are harvested in the wild (e.g. morel mushroom, black raspberries).

49 items are available. Some examples of the highest popularity group (A) are persimmons and peaches. Some examples of the more exotic tier D group are pawpaw fruit and poke salad.

Listing last updated on Feb 16, 2011

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Since:  2011

Full Share:  typically $20 once a week

Work Req?  No

salad watercress/springcress
salad chickweed
salad wood sorrel
greens poke salad
greens dandelion
salad violet leaves
salad lambsquarter
greens curled dock
salad wild chives, wild garlic
greens sow thistle
salad wild lettuce
greens cattail
greens sweetflag
salad great burdock
greens bull thistle
salad purslane
greens stinging nettle
greens wood-nettle
greens jewelweed
salad yucca flower petals
salad redbud flowers
tea sassafras root
salad basswood (linden) leaves

spcl black walnuts
spcl hickory nuts
spcl Brazil nuts
spcl heartnuts
spcl chesnuts,chinahybrid
spcl morel mushroom
spcl spearmint
spcl spring sap,maple walnut

tea yarrow
tea spicebush

berry elderberries, fresh
berry mulberries, fresh
berry black raspberries, fresh
berry wild blackberries, fresh
berry gooseberries, fresh
berry service berries, fresh
berry hackberries,fresh
berry persimmons,fresh

fruit apples, organic-non-certif
fruit pears,organic-non certif
fruit pawpaw
fruit sweet cherries
fruit Indiana peaches
fruit American plum

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