We are a small hobby farm in the Northwest suburbs. We originally got chickens so we can have fresh eggs for our family and friends. Needless to say our love of these chickens has overtaken our lives. We now have too many eggs to eat and our friends have more eggs than they can handle as well. The breeds of our chickens vary, so the size and the color of the eggs do as well. We have several silkies that produce tiny eggs, those are 2.50 a dozen. The color is pretty consistent moslty brown a few beige and we will probably get some blue at some point. We would love to share our eggs with the local community. We also have fertilized Silkie eggs if you would like to hatch your own small chickens. We also have duck eggs for those avid bakers. As any baker would know or maybe like to find out duck eggs add a beautiful richness to any bakery product.

Listing last updated on Mar 27, 2012

*$3.00 a dozen* for large and extra large eggs *$2.00 a dozen* for the silkie eggs *$10.00 a dozen for Duck Eggs *$1.00 per fertilized Silkie egg

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The two dozen eggs I purchased were neither tasty nor fresh. I have had better eggs from our Jewel. Such a disappointment!

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