Clary Sage medicinal herb seeds

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Clary Sage medicinal herb seeds

Medicinal Action and Uses: Antispasmodic, balsamic, carminative, tonic, aromatic, aperitive, astringent and pectoral.

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Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea).

It has mostly been employed in disordered states of the digestion, as a stomachic, and has also proved useful in kidney diseases.

The seeds when soaked in water for a few minutes form thick mucilage, which is efficacious in removing particles of dust from the eye.

Gerard says: 'It purgeth them exceedingly from the waterish humerous rednesse, inflammation, and drives other maladies or all that happens unto the eies and takes away the paine and smarting thereof, especially being put into the eies one seed at a time and no more.'

Culpepper tells us: 'For tumours, swellings, &c., make mucilage of the seeds and apply to the spot. This will also draw splinters and thorns out of the flesh.... For hot inflammation and boils before they rupture, use a salve made of the leaves boiled with hot vinegar, honey being added later till the required consistency is obtained.' He recommends a powder of the dry roots taken as snuff to relieve headache, and 'the fresh leaves, fried in butter, first dipped in a batter of flour, egges, and a little milke, serve as a dish to the table that is not unpleasant to any and exceedingly profitable.'

The juice of the herb drunk in ale and beer, as well as the ordinary infusion, has been recommended as very helpful in all women's diseases and ailments.

Reference: A modern herbal.

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