Clifs Grass Grown Beef

My farm is near Gary, South Dakota. Cliff's Grass Grown Beef are fed only grass, high quality forage, and mineral supplements, never receiving any antibiotics or supplemental hormones. The cattle are moved onto pastures in April where they will eat a mix of hay and new green grass, with the grass becoming most of their diet in three to four weeks. They stay on green vegetative forages often into December, when their diet becomes high quality hay through the winter. Fresh water and mineral are always available.

I believe in the SPIRIT of organic and since certified organic allows feed lots, my operation is beyond current organic standards. I strive to produce grass finished beef that has the best of both worlds: great taste and excellent health benefits. I keep cattle types that finish well on grass and do it free of chemical inputs. I plant productive crop land to high energy grasses to keep the marbling and tenderness of the beef you have grown to expect. I work with highly mineralized soil so the plants and beef are highly mineralized. The beef you get from me are raised to a flavorful two years old. I'm mindful of economics, working toward spreading fixed costs on my 320 acres, and cutting out the middlemen.


Listing last updated on Jun 10, 2012

Two year old 100% grassfed beef that gives you a flavorful, tender, juicy, and healthy meal. No steriods, no antibiotics, no MSG, no feedlot, no GMOs, no corn, no grain, no by-products. Cattle eat just great grass, forbs and hay planted on highly mineralized ground that was converted from crops 10 years ago. Most of the year they are out grazing, where they get moved to a new strip of grass and fresh water every day.

Schedule and Location:

Brookings SD on Wednesdays 3-6, and Watertown Saturdays 8-12

1/4, 1/2, or wholes processed by Elkton Lockers

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