Clover Cove Ranch is located in the Holt Creek valley on the northeastern rim of the Nebraska Sand Hills, approximately 20 miles south of the towns of Atkinson and Stuart. The Gotschall family has been in the cattle business for over thirty years and milking cows since 1986. The land and cattle herd have been certified organic since 2001. All cattle graze throughout the year on 1325 acres, eat certified organic prairie hay and alfalfa in the winter, and drink from artesian wells flowing from the Ogallala Aquifer. We also have a small bison herd. Cattle and bison are completely grass-fed and finished, which means we feed absolutely no grain. We sell certified organic, grass-fed beef in quarters, halves, wholes, or custom cuts. Our raw gouda cheese has been aged a minimum of 60 days and we have sold the cheese at Farmer's Markets in Lincoln and Omaha. Raw milk and cream are sold at the ranch.

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In terms of safety and health, families of years gone by had the ideal arrangement. Their food was "home-grown healthy". They either milked their own cow, harvested their own beef, and grew their own vegetables or bought their food from a trusted neighbor. We at Clover Cove Ranch want to be your trusted neighbor.

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