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Fresh eggs with rich flavor, lovely yolks, and colorful shells.

They're from heritage and rare breed ducks and chickens raised more like pets than utility birds. That's right. I raise them for fun, and I keep them around all year, eggs or no eggs. They have room to flap their wings, dust, scratch and run around. A few common questions and answers:

What do they eat? Poultry raised this way will eat whatever doesn't eat them first! They are are omnivores. They eat bugs they find, grass clippings, weeds, and whatever the local organic gardeners bring them. They also get grain feeds with no added antibiotics or hormones, often certified organic. My poultry pets do get to go outside and forage, but don't worry because the only thing I spray the yard with is water!

Do they get fresh air and sunshine? Yes, during the day they are often let out to roam and play, but they even get sun when in an enclosed shelter. At night they go back to the coop to sleep, and I shut the door and lock them in to annoy those cute little raccoons. Their enclosure has clear roofing to deter predators while allowing them to get natural light and fresh air at all times if they choose, even if they don't feel like getting out in the wind, rain and snow.

I never trim or cut beaks, wattles, combs, or wings. I also don't use extreme methods to force them to lay out of their season. This means I may have fewer eggs to sell sometimes, but that's OK. I do heat at least one water container in winter so it stays melted, and when it's very cold or I have young birds, a light may be provided for additional heat.

Packaging: I primarily use the cute old-fashioned style biodegradable recycled pulp cartons. I like that you can recycle plastic cartons, but what happens when people don't recycle? Plastic takes much longer to biodegrade than pulp. I can't reuse cartons over and over anyway, so go ahead, use them in your next craft project or just toss them. You can also bring them back to me and I will salvage them if possible, but it's not required.

How do you make money this way? I don't make money, but maybe I will some day. Right now it's a fun hobby and I think people should be able to make food choices that allow them to sleep at night, and don't force them into restricted diets based mostly on guilt.

Generally, I do not have meat birds for sale, but I do sometimes have extra roosters if you're interested.

Any more questions? Ask away!


Listing last updated on Nov 10, 2012

Please check ahead for our availability, especially if you must drive a considerable distance.

Schedule and Location:

The Paradise Market
Paradise Park
9000 S 100 W
Paradise, UT 84328

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM Wednesday Evenings
June 1 - September 28

We may also be able to deliver. We just kindly ask that you make an appointment first. Leave a voice message if you call and don't get an answer. We are busy people, often with jobs and other endeavors that take us away from the pet poultry more than we'd like.

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