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Using draft-horse power (Percherons), we farm a little over 50 acres outside of Zeeland, Michigan. Pastures, grain crops, and hay are managed without chemicals for weed or insect control. We find that Mother Nature, properly balanced, takes care of "bad bugs" by providing "good bugs" to dine on them. Likewise, weeds are discouraged by periodic plantings of cover crops which feed soil and enhance future crop growth. Our animals are raised "free-range", not confinement-style. We are able to pasture them on grass, augmented by appropriate corn-based protein rations for flavor and growth. By avoiding high-population, confinement-style raising of animals, antibiotics are unnecessary to maintain health. The meat is defined as "naturally raised" instead of "organically raised" because we do have to buy some grain products and can't always be guaranteed that those are organic. Over the years, we've given great value for the money our customers have invested in our meat products. Size, flavor, and price-per-pound are generally a far better value than any supermarket can offer. We deliver lamb and pork free to our direct customers within a 50-mile radius of our Zeeland base; we can ship these meats via overnight service for customers further away. Chickens are fresh and must be picked up at our farm on the designated day. Beginning in April 2013, we are now offering retail pork by the piece, frozen and picked up at our farm. And in November of 2014, we are offering turkeys for Thanksgiving for the first time! If you're interested in knowing more about naturally-raised food products, have questions about prices and availability of different meats, or would like to visit our farm, just give us a call!


Listing last updated on Oct 31, 2014

Turkey for Thanksgiving and holidays for 2014! Put some succulent Berkshire pork in your freezer for the winter, too! We are selling our naturally-raised, Broad-breasted White Turkeys for $4.00/#. Contact us to reserve yours, and arrange to pick it up fresh on the farm on the Tuesday/Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. Birds can also be vac-packed to freeze one for Christmas or later use for a small, flat fee.

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We just purchased our first 1/2 of a hog from Connie and Darrell at coach Stop Farm and we could not be more pleased. The process was very simple, just emailed Connie after finding her website, and we signed up for our half and filled out the processing form.... [more]

This was the first time we have ever ordered chicken from Coach Stop Farm and it was wonderful! I'm planning to make stock with the chicken as well to save money and produce wholesome and nourishing stock to can!... [more]

Conni and Darrell really know what they are doing. We have purchased both the chicken and lamb (Chicken several times and lamb this past fall) and have found the flavor, quality and service to be top-notch.... [more]

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