Coe's Comfrey

Coe's Comfrey --Selling Organic Comfrey Planting Stock Since 1980.

High-yield, High-Protein Perennial for Compost, Fodder, Food & Remedy. Selling Root and crown cuttings, One and 2--year old plants, and the strongest we sell--3 to 4 year old plants for fastest growth. Plant Crowns or Plants NOW for Fresh Leaves in 3 - Weeks!

Very deep rooted, withstands drought. Yields of 100 tons per acre are common.

The Essential Homestead Plant!

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Listing last updated on Feb 15, 2012

Plant Comfrey NOW and Harvest Fresh Leaves in 3 WEEKS ! !00% Satisfaction Guaranteed!! Please call Coe 8:00am to 11:00 pm 7 days a Week, and if you email please provide a daytime phone number!

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Coe's Comfrey is one of the best sources to purchase quality comfrey at excellent prices. Mr. Thomas went above and beyond to help me out. He even sent extra comfrey to cover the shipping cost! "

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