Coffee Infused Honey

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Coffee Infused Honey

Our Coffee Infused Honey is full of the character of the bean, rather than a "roasted" flavor.

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I developed this one a dare! Carson LOVES coffee and I hate it. I never understood why he and many of our other customers put our honey in their coffee. So, on the suggestion of a friend. I decided to experiment with infusing different organic, fair trade beans into that year's harvest.

All of my infusions take 1-3 months to complete. We do not use any heat in our process. Instead we use solar, lunar and cold infusion to gently work the flavor and phytochemical benefits out of the herb and into the honey. In the end, you receive the flavor and the benefit of the herb trapped inside our raw honey. We even had this one tested for caffeine content- don't worry, the amount is officially negligible. For those of you watching your caffeine intake there is less in our jar than there is in a generic tea bag! I make these infusions in small batches and I am constantly tasting each jar. When I feel that jar is complete, we stop the infusion and bottle it.... so, yes, I actually do love it even though I hate coffee... I have to love it, or we don't sell it!

Our Coffee Infused Honey is full of the character of the bean, rather than a "roasted" flavor. You will pick up hints of fruit and floral, but you will also enjoy chocolate and caramel notes. Drizzle some of this delectable nectar onto any chocolate dessert, try it on ice cream, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal... even on pork or beef!

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