Listing last updated on Jul 25, 2006

Schedule and Location:

Under PATCO High Speed Line Between Urban & Collings Avenues Saturday, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

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...and now that it's April 2012, I expect the Collingswood Farmers Market will open again any week. (Can't wait!) It's a wonderful market, with a nice assortment of vendors selling all sorts of beautifully fresh produce grown nearby, and much cheaper than supermarket prices! (Also, while the selection varies from year to year depending on what the farmers decide to experiment with planting, there are always some items that you just won't see at all in supermarkets.... [more]

A wonderful atmosphere with good local produce, friendly people, live music. Rather like have a country fair once a week. Carleen

It is the happiest time of my week. I get to walk to the market with my daughter who lives nearby, enjoy a delicious open-air breakfast and chat, see lots of folks I know, and buy BEAUTIFUL things to eat from wonderful local farmers we've come to know well.

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