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We are a 4th generation family ranch located in Thurston Co. Today we continue the Colvin Ranch tradition of raising cattle on native grasses to produce delicious beef. This heritage is you assurance that we can be your reliable source for locally produced meat. We are marketing all grass fed and finished beef by the half or quarter, and also we are now offering "Beef by the Box" This 25 pound box of a variety of cuts is ideal for those who do not have a large freezer. Also, individual cuts are available at the ranch. Our Boxes and individual cuts will be available on a year round basis. The animals are born and raised on our ranch so you are assured of the source and safety of you beef. We use sustainable grazing pratices, and the handling of our animals is done in a quiet, humane manner. We have adopted programs to ensure that the ranch will remain a productive ranch and not developed. While we are not organic, you can be assured that our beef is completely natural and grass finished.


Listing last updated on Mar 12, 2013

We also have a limited nunber of pigs available in the summer and fall. Contact us for more information

Schedule and Location:

Tumwater Farmers Market, Wed. 11AM to 2PM
Steilacoom Farmers Market, Wed. 3PM to 7PM
Proctor Farmers Market (Tacoma), Sat. 9Am-2PM

Schedule and Location:

Please contact us if you wish to pick up some meat from us. If we are here, we are open...

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