Comb Honey - 8 ounce

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Comb Honey - 8 ounce

Medium-sized 8 ounce package of comb honey made by the bees. Good size for a family of 4 to use with a weekend meal.

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Season: Mar-Dec 

from: 24:13

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My bees produce their honey from a wide variety of wild flowers and trees. The comb honey I offer is honey at its best. None of the wonderful fragrances or flavors of the honey is lost during packaging, so you can experience the honey to its fullest effect. To use, you simply scoop out a spoonful, wax and all, and apply it to warm food. The combination of sweet honey and slightly crunchy wax is a true delight. The wax will not hurt you, in fact, beeswax is the original chewing gum used by our ancestors. As an added benefit, honey still in the comb generally won't granulate.