Common Mallow Tea

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Common Mallow Tea

Common mallow is used to combat colds accompanied by a sore throat, a dry, hacking cough and bronchitis.

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Malva sylvestris (Common mallow) has been grown as a medicinal plant and potherb since Roman times. In the 16th century it was known as an omnimorbia, or cure-all. Several species have very similar constituents, and M. sylvestris is used interchangeably with the less potent M. moschata (musk mallow) and the stronger M. neglecta (dwarf mallow). All are regarded as inferior to the closely related Althaea officinalis - Marshmallow.

Other names: Common mallow, blue mallow, cheese flower.

Common mallow contains anti-oxidants, including polyphenols and anthocyanins, which explains its beneficial effect on gastroenteritis. Eating of mallow leaves will ease gut irritations and will give a laxative effect.

Two thousand years ago, the Roman scholar Pliny recommended taking a daily sip of mallow juice to prevent illness. Today, common mallow remains a valuable natural remedy. Its high concentrations of mucilage make it a perfect prescription for sore throats and colds.

Common mallow is used to combat colds accompanied by a sore throat, a dry, hacking cough and bronchitis. Its anti-irritant properties make it helpful as well for treating hoarseness and tonsillitis. As an anti-inflammatory, it is a gentle and effective remedy for cystitis and diarrhea.

Bronchitis tea mix: mallow leaves, marsh-mallow root and licorice root.

References: Encyclopedia of Herbs by Deni Brown; The Complete Guide to Natural Healing.

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