Compost Worms - Red Wigglers

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Compost Worms - Red Wigglers

Our worms work hard to turn organic waste into great compost!

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Red Wigglers aka Eisenia Fetida aka "compost worms" are built to compost. They never sleep, and in ideal conditions they double their population every 90 days, and eat their own body weight every 3-4 days!

Using worms for composting in your home or garden is a rewarding hobby. Worm castings (worm poop) is considered to be one of the best natural soil amendments available.

Our worms grow up on our beautiful 30 acre farm in Central Maryland. Raised both indoors and outdoors, they grow up on a diet of pre-composted material that includes manure, food waste, and wood chips.

We ship orders as soon as possible via USPS Priority Mail. The worms are packaged in some of the bedding material that they have lived in.

What makes us different than other farms: - We grow 100% of our worms - We hand pick our worms - We raise them to be big, active, and awesome

If you have any questions about worm composting, compost worms, or our operation - please feel free to contact us.

All products are made with 100% local and sustainable materials.