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Concord Hill Icelandics is a small, family operated farm 35 miles North East of Lexington, KY. We have been raising purebred, registered and unregistered Icelandic Sheep since 2003. We select our sheep for milk production, fleece quality, parasite resistance, lamb vigor, and ease of lambing.

Icelandic sheep are one of the oldest breeds of sheep in existence, and are also extremely hardy. Raised on grass and good quality grass hay, Icelandic sheep do not require the addition of expensive grains or corn. This minimizes, not only, the monthly feed bill, but makes is possible to avoid all GM feeds. Our sheep are completely raised on pasture and allowed to live as sheep were intended.

We offer Icelandic raw fleeces, rovings, felt batts, breeding stock, and lamb meat. Farm visits are welcomed as are well behaved children. As we are a working farm, please give us advance notice of your visit so we can be here to show you around. No dogs allowed, please.

Also, ask us about our Great Pyrenees LGD pups due in October, 2009


Listing last updated on Aug 11, 2009

Icelandic sheep: Triple purpose breed producing a fantastic fleece, large quantities of milk, gourmet quality meat, and lively lambs all on grass and good quality grass hay alone. Lamb on pasture, almost always without a shepherd's assistance. Produce lively lambs that need no help finding their first meal. Foot rot is almost non-existent, as is Pink Eye. Many fleece colors and patterns to choose from. Horned and polled ewes and rams. Twins and triplets are normal births. Extremely hardy

Schedule and Location:

Please visit us at Saturday in Carlisle in downtown Carlisle, KY the last Saturday in September yearly, and at The Kentucky Sheep and Wool Festival in Falmouth, KY. the first weekend in October.
Farm visits are welcome by appointment. Please keep your dogs in your vehicle as we have guard dogs on duty and our sheep are uncomfortable around unfamiliar dogs.

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