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The 1 pound natural cream cone contains between 900 -1000 yards of 2 ply wool. Espresso & cocoa have about 880 yards.

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Cone yarn may be just what you are looking for if you crochet, weave or knit. It will save you time and energy when working on larger projects. For instance, suppose you are knitting a sweater. If you work directly from the cone you won't have to unwrap and rewind skeins, or join in new ends because you are working with a continuous smooth fiber.

This is a 2 ply worsted weight, 9 wpi. Depending on your knitting style, the gauge is 4 stitches per inch on size US 7 - 9 needles.

The difference between skeins and cones are: 1) the length and 2) the spinning oil t has not yet been removed from the wool. Therefore, when you have finished your project you will need to hand wash it in hot water. At that time the fibers will fluff up and return to their original softness, just like the skeins.

Merino does costs abit more to purchase. This is because the number of mills in the U.S., which can devote the extra time, attention and have the required machinery to handle the fineness of the raw wool are smaller. This requires it to be shipped across several state lines. Plus additional washing because of natural heavier grease content of the breed and additional processing steps all add up. So, when you make your choice consider not just the lowest price, but choose between good and best. Excellence is a result of many factors including: 1) high quality animals 2) practices of good nutrition and preventative care 3)sheep coats for cleaner fleeces 4) consistency 5) not cutting corners.

Why not give it a try today? You won\'t be disappointed! its finest. From the shepherds home to your hands!