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Our family's goal has always been to provide the highest quality product, while utilizing environmentally sound and sustainable agricultural practices.

I have started a flock of pastured egg laying hens. The hens have a low stress environment where they can be outside enjoying green grass and clover, chasing insects, dust bathing, or picking through kitchen scraps while enjoying all the fresh air, sunshine and excercise they can take in. Or they have the coop to dash into for predator protection or to dine on the whole grains (corn & oats) that are purchased from a local farm and fed buffet style. These eggs will have a deep, bright yellow-orange yolk and will be some of the best tasting eggs you have ever had. (Some say these eggs are more nutritious than conventionally raised eggs.)

The main farm offers naturally finished freezer beef raised from Black and Red Angus beef cows as well as pasture broilers (meat chickens). The beef is available by the quarter, half, or in 1 pound packages as whole cow ground beef. The beef cows are on pasture using a management intensive grazing system, which provides fresh forage on a daily basis.


Listing last updated on Jan 29, 2013

We have freezer beef that is scheduled for processing on February 25, 2013. If you have questions or would like to reserve a 1/4 or 1/2, contact us at 330-831-0006. Our pasture hens are working overtime & we have have lots of eggs available. This would be a great chance to purchase pasture raised, cage free eggs. Or if you would like to have a few hens of your own, we would be willing to sell a few of these working ladies. That way you could have your own fresh eggs everday!

Schedule and Location:

Please feel free to call me and we will set up a time when you can come to the farm or meet to pick up eggs

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