Cook Time with Remmi

Cook Time with Remmi is a new business venture in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. We feature a weekly show for children ages 6 through 17 that encourages children to learn cooking skills to improve nutrition and healthy lifestyles. The show features 8 year old Remmi who knows how to cook and she will prepare a 3 course meal consisting of main dish, vegetable and salad. Children will be encouraged to participate by preparing their family meal while Remmi is cooking the meal on the show. The outcome of each show is a healthy meal prepared by a child that is table ready by the end of the show.

The website supporting the show is very comprehensive with health, exercise, and nutrition information for both children and their parents. Our belief is that "Kitchens are for Kids Too." Further we believe if children are taught cooking skills they will be more interested and invested in eating more nutritious meals.

Remmi will also feature in season and locally grown produce from Farmer's Markets in the Tulsa area. She will also participate in community events-like farmer's markets to promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. Part of her show each week will showcase her shopping at different Farmer's Markets and selecting produce that will be highlighted in the upcoming show.

Children can also join the Star Club and participate in meaningful but fun contests that focus on cooking and health. Star Club members will also have the opportunity to contribute to the annual Tulsa Kids Cookbook with recipes and illustrations. It is our hope membership will grow and a community of young cooks emerges as a result.


Listing last updated on Aug 5, 2009

Cook Time with Remmi is a cooking show for children ages 6 through 17. The show is taught by 8 year old Remmi who knows how to cook. Join in each week and cook your meal along with Remmi's instructions and produce a great meal for your family.

Each week Remmi will introduce a new meal and recipes that will always incorporate a main dish, vegetable and salad. She will feature locally grown vegetables in all of her shows. You may be catch her shopping at the Farmers Markets in your area!

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