Cooke Creek Sheep Company

We operate a sheep farm utilizing all that our sheep produce, including meaty, lean, naturally-raised, grass-fed Texel-Coopworth crossbred lamb. Texels are proven to have more meat-to-bone and less fat cover than many other meat breeds of sheep with exceptional muscling. We raise our sheep in family units on pasture. We do not use growth hormones or antibiotic-containing feeds. Our lamb is humanely raised and handled. We have our lambs processed on our farm by a state licensed processor and they then are shipped to a state licensed butcher who ages them for us for nine days and custom cuts and wraps each one per our customer's specifications. We sell other sheep products, such as wool/yarn and washable lambskin rugs. Health of our flock and quality of our breeding stock and lamb is our focus. Our flock is enrolled in the Scrapie Flock Certification Program, #WA2336. Happy sheep make happy customers and we strive for both!

Listing last updated on Dec 11, 2008

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