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The Cool Foods Campaign - a project of the Center for Food Safety and the CornerStone Campaign - makes the connections between the foods we eat and their contribution to global warming. The Campaign aims to educate the public about the impact of their food choices across the entire food system and empower them with the resources to reduce this impact. We are dedicated to supporting small-scale organic and local farmers as a solution to combating climate change and providing ‘cool’ foods to our country. In addition, Cool Foods has partnered with schools, food co-ops, university campuses, restaurants, and other business that are committed to these issues to build a coalition of individuals and organizations looking to work together to reduce their contributions to global warming.

Voluntary lifestyle choices can also make a difference in combating global climate change. While a variety of initiatives involving energy reduction and increased efficiency have grown in popularity, reconsidering individual food choices has been largely overlooked. Making informed choices, such as choosing organic, local, and whole foods, is one way we can begin to restore the health of our planet.

The coolest foods are those you grow organically yourself, and Cool Foods has compiled a resource guide for everyone who wants to commit to taking a bite out of global warming and grow some of their own food. Home grown foods cut down on “foodmiles”, processing, packaging, fertilizers and just about every other source of greenhouse gas emission in our food system. With minimal costs, even small gardens can significantly cut your produce costs. In our tough economic times, renewing America’s gardening tradition will offset our greenhouse gas emissions and your grocery bill - putting more money back in your wallet. Whether you plant a few herbs or cultivate an entire garden, our guide will lend know-how to both city and country dwellers with information on planting and harvesting, as well as useful links to locating CSAs, farmers markets, farms, and food co-ops near you.


Listing last updated on Mar 20, 2009

The Cool Foods Campaign hopes to inspire a groundswell of people committed to making sustainable food choices to reduce their "FoodPrint". Our campaign seeks solutions to the problem of global warming, and focuses on agricultural practices and food choices that can reduce and reverse this trend. We connect consumers with organic, local and seasonal food resources and provide information on "Cool Food" choices. Together we can create changes in our food system and help stop global warming.

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