Corkscrew Willow Cuttings

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Corkscrew Willow Cuttings

10-Corkscrew Willow unrooted cuttings. These can be stuck in a pot or the ground. Very ornamental small tree. Curly corkscrew limb

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 10 cuttings$11.95

Season: Nov-Mar 

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Salix Matsudana 'Tortuosa' Common names: Corkscrew, Peking willow Description: small tree; 6-9 m (20-30'); contorted reddish-gold new growth; outstanding ornamental throughout the year Conditions: full sun to part shade; thrives in poor soil; drought tolerant; prune for desired effect. Coldest Zone: 4

Corkscrew Willow is a highly decorative small tree. It is used in the floral industry or as a landscape specimen tree. I have been growing these for 3 years now. I cut them off at a little above ground level each spring. This causes them to come back as multi stem shrubs. The limbs are cut each season for arrangements or as unrooted cuttings to be rooted after you receive them.

Limbs can also be used in your craft projects. Very long lasting when dried and the color does not fade out as it dries.

I am offering10 cuttings for each order. Each cutting will have at least 4 viable buds on it. Most will have more.

When you get these you can plant as soon as you receive them. If the ground is frozen or you don't have time to plant right then you can store them in your freezer till time to plant.

To plant an unrooted willow cutting just stick it in the ground or in a pot. Push it all the way into the soil until only the top bud is sticking out. Make sure the buds are pointing upwards. If you plant it upside down it will die.

The picture is of a Corkscrew Willow Tree that is planted in my dry front yard and does not get any supplemental watering.

We are just now starting to add specialty products to our planting list. Local sales of this type of product kept it from being a feasible option until we found the local harvest storefront. At this time we have very few specialty products to offer. Our plans are to add as many as possible in the coming year.

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