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Corner Table is a restaurant that listens to the fields, farms, pastures, and seasons that surround us. That source of inspiration guides our creativity and our entire menu, which is crafted from foods sourced locally and in season from responsible family farms. This approach is completely sustainable, and it's grounded in our respect for our history, nature's perfection, and our place in the world.

We all instinctively know that the food we eat is "organic" - vegetables, fruits and grains grow from the land and are harvested, our meat and dairy comes from animals that walk the earth and feed off of the land. We know that farms are the source of our sustenance. But the word "farm" can mean so many things today. There are factory farms and food processing operations, family farms, organic farms, sustainable farms - all kinds of emerging adjectives and different approaches.

The farms that we look to for Corner Table are real working farms, owned by real working farmers that we visit and to talk about the food they grow and raise. The conversations we have are focused on the food that is best today, in line with the seasons and the weather. We talk about the pride they take in their work and techniques, their sustainable approach to caring for the land, and what they produce best.

This, to us, is how cooking should be done.


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