(Cough It Up!) Expectorant Tincture

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(Cough It Up!) Expectorant Tincture

For getting that phlegm out during a chest cold. This formula employs Hyssop, Thyme and Self Heal- all sustainably grown.

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This formula will help you get phlegm out of your system, keep your mouth free of microbial reinfection, and open the airways so you can breathe.

Sister Sage Herb Farm is so beautiful and fragrant when Thyme, Self Heal, and Hyssop's different shades of purple flowers are in bloom. The leaves and flowers of Hyssopus Vulgarus are used as an excellent expectorant, Thymus officinallis is used for opening up the respiratory system and for it's antimicrobial properties, and Self Heal (Prunnelus vulgarus) is used as an antiviral. All of the herbs are harvested at their peak, and infused in Vodka and glycerine.

Use this herb as a mouthwash, as a throat spray, or to help with respiratory issues.

Dosage: For Adults: take by the dropperful in water and sip or rinse a more concentrated amount in mouth like a mouthwash.

For Children: take by the drop (up to 5) diluted in 8 oz water or juice.

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