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Coulee View Family Farm is a small family farm nestled in the Coulee Region of southwestern Wisconsin. The local terrain is steep and hilly, so a conversion to a grass based operation makes environmental sense. On our farm, all animals are either free ranged, day ranged or moved in portable pens. We are lucky to have a state inspected butcher located only a short drive away, so pigs and lambs do not suffer stress from long range transportation.

Our farm is a family operation. We all pitch in to feed, water, protect and eventually process the animals. Even our two Labrador Retrievers help by keeping predators at bay. All profits from our 2008 operations will be put into our children's college funds so they will directly benefit from their hard work and have a later appreciation for their education.

We are a new operation. The 2007 season was spent experimenting and learning. We grew broilers, laying hens, geese, ducks, guinea hens and pigs for our own use and to give away.

For 2008 we will raise animals for sale. We plan offer broilers, turkeys, ducks, geese, pork and lamb. Order meat products in advance as the quantity is limited and the quality will be outstanding. We are working on a website but for now, call, write or email for a 2008 price list.

Pastured Broilers. The broilers will mainly be Cornish Cross but there will also be some limited quantities of the more colorful breeds of traditional dual purpose chickens. Our chickens are raised outside with daily access to new grass and vegetation. This results in a firmer meat with a superior, more complex taste and a higher level of Omega 3 fatty acids. Several batches will be raised throughout the summer and fall. Whole birds can be picked up fresh on the processing day or frozen later pickup. Contact us for anticipated processing dates.

Pastured Heritage Turkeys. Our turkeys are also raised outdoors with daily access to grass which they utilize to an even greater extent than broilers do. The turkeys will be a heritage breed; possibly Royal Palm, Slate, Narragansett or Bourbon Red which are all listed by The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Heritage turkeys are slower growing birds (7- 8 months) compared to the typical Broad Breasted White turkeys (16 - 18 wks) found in the supermarkets. By purchasing one of these heritage breeds, you will be helping to preserve the genetics of these historical birds by continuing the need for breeding stock at our chick supplier. These pastured heritage breed turkeys are far superior in flavor and texture to the typical supermarket turkey. The number of turkeys will be limited so preorder one of these birds now for a very special holiday treat. They will be process in November right before Thanksgiving.

Pastured Geese. The geese will be a combination of breeds (Chinese White, African Toulouse & Emden). Their primary purpose on our farm is to weed our sweet corn patch. From or experience, geese can thrive on only pasture; we only offer a small amount of corn daily as a treat. Historically, goose was the traditional Christmas dinner. I can supply some excellent recipes for oven roasted goose and one excellent crock pot goose recipe. The number of geese will also be limited so preorder one of these birds now for an impressive traditional Christmas dinner. We can also save our duck and goose down; contact us if you are interested in this

Pastured Duck. A very limited number of duck will be available for fall processing. These must be preordered to guarantee availability as these are not currently a primary focus for our operation.

Pastured Pork. We use pigs on our farm to till up areas for planting. These animals thrive with access to sunlight, grass, grubs and whatever they are rooting up. Our methods produce a pig that is leaner and superior tasting. A limited supply of this pastured pork will be available in the fall by the half or whole hog. Several spring hogs will also be raised in order to be ready for graduation party pig roasts. We even have a hog roaster that we can provide to our customers. Contact us to reserve one of these animals and set a date with our local butcher.

Grass Fed Lamb. We may also add grass fed lamb to our operation in 2008. Check with us if you are interested.

Christmas Trees. We have a small patch of Christmas trees that are becoming ready. Pick our your tree out during a summer visit and come back in December to harvest it.

Potential future offerings include Chevron (goat), Pheasant, Guinea Hen, started pastured pullets, eggs from pastured hens and sweet corn. Let us know if you would like to see any of these offered in future seasons.

Fly fishermen, contact us for fly tying feathers from our more colorful birds.


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Pastured Broilers, Heritage Turkeys, Pastured Ducks & Geese, Grassfed Lamb, Pastured Pork

Member of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.

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