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We started Country Road Farm in 2012 when my husband retired and we moved to Asheboro, NC (about 30 miles south of Greensboro). In June, we bought 20 chickens--primarily Buff Orpingtons and Plymouth Barred Rocks. We also have a Rhode Island Red, and three Ameraucanas. The chickens lay varying shades of brown, but the Ameraucanas lay light green eggs.

We are a small family operations that produces free-range eggs from chickens that have full run of the barnyard and pastures during the day and come home to roost at night. As an added treat, they get garden scraps and all the bugs they can catch. The yolks are bright orange without any added dyes due to the fresh veggies and grass that these birds eat. Taste the difference free ranging makes. Check out what Mother Earth News has to say about the benefits of free-range eggs.

Listing last updated on Mar 4, 2013

The best tasting eggs you'll find all year long. Contact us today to experience the sensational taste of fresh, local free-range eggs. Our eggs are not sorted so we maintain freshness. So you may receive large, jumbo or mediums in one carton. We also try to throw in a colored egg or two for variety.

Place your order now for Easter! Don't worry about dying eggs. Our chickens will lay green eggs just for you!

Schedule and Location:

We're here most days, but it's best to give us a call before you come. If you are local, we can even arrange for delivery. Current price: $4.00/dozen.

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