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We produce composted cow manure within the NOP guidelines from our dairy farm that is owned by Nettie Rosenow, my wife, Loren Wolfe, my neighbor and me. Our compost is unique because we flush our manure with recycled water from our lagoons and then we separate the liquids from the solids. We compost the solids on a blacktop surface designed and approved by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

We monitor temperatures and turn when appropriate with a self propelled turner. We test to determined when the compost is done.

We also sell organic potting soil. We have 3 types for your preferences. Red is a general purpose mix with 12% sand. Blue is a mix for transplanting and has 17% sand and Green has no sand and is good for starting plants in cells or soil blocks.

New this year is Bio-char. It is the carbon ash left over from the pyrolysis of biomass to create energy. Bio Char is carbon that is held together very tightly in molecules. This carbon when placed in the soil will stay there for generations thus helping remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere for a long time. In addition Biochar aids in providing organic matter and water holding capacity in soils.


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Cowsmo Compost and Cowsmo potting soil Meets NOP organic standards Sold in bulk or in totes or in bags Call 608-626-2571 Available year around

Schedule and Location:

365 days a year from 7 am to 5 pm

oUr wholesale outlets are BFG Minneapolis
612-781-6068, Four Season Tools, Kansas City 563-226-0760, Lake Street Landscape Supply Chicago 312-226-0760 Concrete and Lanscape Center 612 866-0430

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My mom has been getting compost from COWMO'S for years. She has used it in her landscaping jobs, yard and garden. We picked up a trailer full for our beds in the hoop house!! Me and my husband own J and A Produce CSA in Merillan, WI and our plants are going to love us.... [more]

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