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Coyopa Productions creates award-winning original films that intend to both entertain and inspire. Coyopa is a Mayan word that refers to the energy that a shaman harnesses while performing healing work. Similarly, Coyopa Productions seeks to create programming filled with humor, hope, beauty, and meaning that takes viewers on transcendent journeys.

Our most recent work is a short film called "Fridays at the Farm". Feeling disconnected from their food, filmmaker Richard Hoffmann and his family decide to join a community supported organic farm. Featuring lush time-lapse and macro photography sequences compiled from nearly 20,000 still images, this personal essay is a father’s meditation on his blossoming family and community.

This award-winning film is an excellent non-confrontational introduction to community-supported agriculture and organic farming told from a personal point of view. Hypontic, poetic, and visually stunning, "Fridays at the Farm" is a piece to be enjoyed again and again.


Listing last updated on Jan 7, 2008

"Fridays at the Farm" is a visually stunning and poetic portrait of a community-supported organic farm. Be sure to check out a trailer at our website, and purchase a DVD of this award-winning film.

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