Coyote Run Buffalo Ranch began in 2003 out of the love of the American Bison. From a family connection to buffalo ranching in Minnesota, the original herd was moved south to Illinois. We choose to raise our animals in the most natural way we can.

We don't feedlot and there is no attempt to domesticate. The animals feed on grasses, no feed products. Since there are no known diseases in Illinois for bison, the animals don't require any vaccinations.

The meat of the buffalo is naturally healthy with less calories and fat than chicken, but the taste of fine beef.

Many of our customers eat buffalo because of problems they have eating beef, or because they're trying to decrease the fat and cholesterol in their diet. Buffalo is very versatile and can be use interchangably with beef in recipes. It's great on the grill or in stews or anywhere you'd typically use beef. We're happy to help with tips for preparation.

If you (or your kids), share our fascination with these animals, give us a call at 217 416 5175


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Call it Buffalo or Bison, either way, you'll enjoy the flavorful, healthy red meat. Buffalo meat is low in fat and an excellent source of iron that is wrapped up with flavor sure to be enjoyed! Buffalo meat is now readily available in your area. Contact the Coyote Run Buffalo Ranch for more information: 217 416 5175 home 217 414 4335 cell.

Schedule and Location:

We are in the process of setting up a schedule to be at the Springfield Farmer's market on Saturdays, if space there will allow us. Call us for updates of our Farmer's Market plans. 217 968 1321 home

Schedule and Location:

Buffalo Meat is available at Coyote Run Buffalo Ranch year round. We are about 20 miles north of Springfield - best to call for directions. 217 968 1321 home.

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Cecilia and I have been into bison for almost a decade. After moving to Springfield, we were bereft that we had no local source. Then we found Coyote Run.... [more]

I buy their ground meat whenever it is available and it is superb in taste and very lean. I especially appreciate that the animals are 100% grassfed.

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