Cracked & Blown Native Pecans

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Cracked & Blown Native Pecans

Farm Fresh Missouri Native Pecans have been Cracked & Blown to remove most of the shells making them very easy to pick out. 2014!

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Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly. Order more than 1 or combine with other items to save on shipping.

You haven't had the best pecan until you've tried Byrd's Pecans. Gourmet and farm fresh, we produce and package our very own product right off the tree which guarantees 100% freshness, quality, and also value.

Cracked and Blown Pecans have been visually inspected for quality, then ran through a 3-stage process to crack the shell, remove the nutmeats from the shell, then slightly blown to remove a majority of the shell making it much easier to pick out. For every 5 pounds of whole pecans, the finished product is a remaining 3 pounds since we remove nearly 2 pounds of shells for you. Enjoy!


Pecans are grown Gluten Free and 100% natural which is why they're classified as a Health Food Snack. We don't use any artificial preservatives.

When we say "Farm Fresh", that means they were harvested right off the tree only a couple days before they reach the shelves. We produce, harvest, process, and retail our very own product so that you can be assured that you are buying only the best, Farm Fresh Missouri Pecans.

Pecans are a "Fresh Food Product" which means they need to be kept in a cool dry location, refrigerated is best (up to 10 months), freeze for longer life (up to 3 years).

Tip: When baking, only chop FROZEN Pecans for that perfect fresh crunch.

PRICES: Online pricing includes a base shipping & handling cost therefor online pricing may be higher.

No Preservatives, All-Natural. Best kept refrigerated. *Due to crop shortage prices are subject to increase.