Craigie Street Bistrot

Just outside Harvard Square, The Craigie Street Bistrot is committed to superb cuisine in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Chef/Owner Tony Maws insists (to the point of fanaticism!) on using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The food is prepared with impeccable technique reflecting his training. The result is a cuisine of simplicity, resourcefulness, and originality ?in the real French Bistrot Moderne style.

The chef capitalizes on the close relationships he has forged with purveyors and farmers. Through these relationships, he seeks to maximize the products available to the restaurant on any given day. Yet, he is not a slave to his inventory sheet; instead, his daily shopping instills a sense of whimsy and spontaneity. Guests have the opportunity to experience both ?old favorites,? as well as lesser-known ingredients, hard-to-find produce items and less obvious cuts of meat -- all prepared with flair. A small, affordable wine list supplements the menu, with an emphasis on less familiar but superb vintners.


Listing last updated on Sep 17, 2002

$29 Three-Course "Neighborhood Menu" available weeknights and Sundays.

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