Craig's Hilltop Honey

Our apiary is located on 10 acres a 1/4 mile north of the Holt Rd and Grovenburg Rd intersection near the Holt Schools complex. There is a yellow "HONEY" sign on the east side of Grovenburg Rd

No chemicals are used in the hives. Various bee afflictions are managed through careful management of the comb, queens, as well as, hive location and spacing.

There is no predominant crop in the area so the nectar for the honey comes from a variety of local wild flowers.

Most of the farm is natural with a long winding drive to our residence and honey house.

We have creamed or whipped honey, honey in the comb, and extracted honey. We also sell beeswax, hand lotions and candles.

Call us for swarm removal; if we are close enough, we will come over and remove it.

Listing last updated on Apr 4, 2014

Schedule and Location:

Meridian Farm Market, Saturdays, 08:00 AM to 2:00PM.

Schedule and Location:

Honey House, every day, when we are at home. Call ahead to be sure someone will be home.

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Our family has purchased honey twice from this apiary, and it is pure ambrosia. A little drizzle of this honey on some yogurt or on a peanut butter sandwich changes the mundane into something truly special.

I've purchased 'raw' honey from groceries before, and have now learned my lesson! The honey purchased from Craig's Hilltop Honey at the Meridian Farmer's Market today is simply amazing.... [more]

Delicious, Clean, Natural Michigan Honey the way Mother Nature intended. Rich Flavor with great consistency that is a perfect natural sweetener and sugar substitute for Coffee, Teas, Dressings, Baked Goods, etc.... [more]

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