Cranberry Plant (Vaccinium Macrocarpon)

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Cranberry Plant (Vaccinium Macrocarpon)

You don't need a bog to grow delicious cranberries at home! Plants come with complete growing instructions.

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What Cranberries are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants. They are also used in urinary tract health products. You can grow these dwarf evergreen shrubs at home. All you need is a well drained, but moist, plant bed for this fruit bearing ground cover to flourish. Cranberries are extremely cold hardy, surviving winters as cold as -30 Fahrenheit.

Cranberries are self-fertile and are pollinated by honey and bumble bees.

When Plant your live cranberry plant in the spring after the last frost date. If you purchased a dormant cranberry plant you can plant it as soon as you receive it during winter months.

Your cranberry bush will begin to bear fruit a year or two after planting. Enjoy ripe berries from September until frost. Berries are ripe when they bounce. Don¢¯¿½?¢¢¯¿½?¢ï¿½?¦¾¢t pick them early because they will not ripen in storage.

Every other spring top dress your cranberry bushes with additional garden sand to suppress weeds maintain soil structure.

Where Cranberry plants need full to half-day sun. Site preparation is critical when growing cranberries. Dig a hole or bed and line the bed with plastic sheeting that is perforated for drainage. The idea is to slow water from leaving the bed, not prevent water from leaving. Fill the bed with a soil that has been amended to a sandy loam mix.

A soil P.H. of 4.0-5.0 is mandatory for the success of your cranberry plant with 4.5 being ideal.

Cranberry plants are hardy in USDA zones 3-7 so please check your location

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