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We are located in Southeastern Indiana. Our ever expanding, family owned and operated farm started back in 1899 with James H. Crandell. Little did he know that his farm would turn into the center for local beef and registered Angus cattle.

When it all began there were many animals on the farm and it was not a business. Now we have changed the way people view the cattle industry. With our strong standards, we have began producing an almost "one of a kind" all natural beef, that everyone simply loves. Our beef is not fed/injected hormones or antibiotics (that's what puts us ahead of the game!), a fact we hold to the highest standards and with lots of pride. Our Registered Dietitian makes sure of that, her concern with the beef industry's bad habits has made her an expert on this topic. She not only knows how to feed and make sure the animals are the healthiest they can be, she also follows many things in the food industry. One of which, is obviously, the cattle industry.

Along with beef, our ever expanding registered Angus herd has taken off. We look forward to help serve you in the cattle industry. Where you know EXACTLY what your getting! The 5th generation family farm is just big enough to serve you and small enough to care!

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Listing last updated on Jun 7, 2012

Crandell Cattle Company is a two product farm. We sell registered Angus cattle (along with commercial cattle), but that's not what we are known for... our all natural Angus beef is the big seller. We do not use hormones or antibiotics in our beef. Our beef is pastured and treated humanely. We have an unsurpassed level of quality beef!

Beef is sold by the quarter, we butcher up to 3 times a year!

You can order beef or cattle right on our website! (You can also get quotes on our website too)

We sell cattle (commercial and registered Angus) and all natural Angus beef. During butchering times, you can buy beef by the quarter and when available, you can buy cattle directly from us.

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