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The goal at our farm is to raise our plants and animals together, as they should be on a self-sustaining farm. As Micheal Pollan put it "Sunlight nourishes the grasses and grains, the plants nourish the animals, the animals then nourish the soil, which in turn nourishes the next season's grasses and grains."

We are also trying to reach out to others in the area and continue the trend of encouraging the purchasing of local products. It is our goal to build mutual relationships with our customers.

As parents, we use our farm operation to teach our children the value of work and responsibility as they are involved in helping run the farm. We are always interested in trading with others who have their own products or skills.

We enjoy growing several heirloom varieties and organic hybrids.

Listing last updated on Jul 2, 2014

We moved to Arizona over the winter! Thank you to all of our supporters back in Illinois. The garden is growing (albeit small), the chicken coop is built and full of pullets, and the goats have all had their kids. We have plenty of goats milk! We have so much goat milk that the dogs and cats are getting the excess. If you want fresh, raw goats milk, with a superb sweet taste (no goaty tasting milk, we promise), please contact us.

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