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Crazy Corn is a small, gourmet popcorn company located in Fulton, Illinois. In our health departmet approved kitchen we specialize in making the best candied popcorn you've ever had! We do this by purchasing our popcorn from a privately owned, family farm, then popping it in small, controlled us, there is nothing automated here! We pop the corn ourselves over a gas burner, then boil the syrup from scratch. Next, we use a wooden paddle to mix it together, then each batch is individually baked til it is light and crisp. Finally, we package our corn within hours of it's being made to assure you recieve the freshest product possible! If you have never had fresh-baked candied corn, minus the additives and preservatives that most big manufacurers use, then you are missing a true taste treat!

Crazy Corn comes in six flavors:

Classic Caramel- Light and crisp, our most popular product.

Cinnamon Spice Caramel- We take our Classic Caramel and give it a delicous twist. Sweet caramel and sinful cinnamon blended together into one delicous taste treat! An instant favorite from the moment we introduced it.

French Vanilla- Our take on a Classic. Smooth and luxurious. (Grandma's favorite)

Butter Rum- In a word? Delicous! Sweet, light and buttery with just a hint of (non-alcoholic)rum. Yum!

Maple Sugar- Our Maple Sugar flavor brings to mind crisp autumn nights and clear, full moons...but why wait til autumn to enjoy the bounty? If you like your pancakes topped with maple syrup...wait 'til you try it on popcorn!

Flavor of the month- Every month Crazy Corn offers a seasonal flavor of the month. In February, it was Chocolate Dipped Cherry popcorn. In tribute to St.Patrick's Day, our March 'Flavor of the Month' is.......Irish Creme! An absolutely delicous blend of chocolate and creme de' menthe. Be sure to give it a try.


***Crazy Corn is available for the astoundingly low price of $3.00 per 5oz. bag. (Seriously, we do strive to keep our pricing low, so our product is accessable to everyone) ***Plus $5.95 shipping and handling charge per order (up to 4 pounds. For larger orders, please call 815-499-5508) We ship USPS Priority Post. Orders placed Mon-Thurs will ship out within 24 hours. Orders placed Fri-Sun will ship out the following Monday ****BEST BUY!!!! The six-pack sampler. It includes a bag of each of the five standard types of popcorn that we offer, plus a bag of our 'flavor of the month' SIX bags total, all for $18.00, plus $5.95 shipping.


Listing last updated on Aug 18, 2006

Flavor of the Month: Irish Creme! In honor of St. Patrick's Day during the month of March we take everybody's favorite flavor, chocolate, and blend it with smooth Creme De Menthe. The end result being a true taste sensation with a potent Irish 'kick'!

Schedule and Location:

Twin City Market, Sterling Illinois, every Saturday morning from 8-12. Also, various area retailers.

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