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Home of the Creation Farm Soap Making School in Frankfort Michigan where we have our home soap making fast start intensive day long clinic to help you launch your own home or farm based soap making business

Handmade Herbal Remedies, Herbal Extracts, Handmade Soaps, and Herbal Spa Style Skin Care Products for 25 years. Original Herbal products made here on the farm by the authors of "Country Living's Handmade Soap" Hearst 1997 & Sterling 2003 and "Country Living Healthy Living's Pure Beauty" Hearst 1999.

We are a family run business with no outside employees. We grow some and gather the other herbs from pristine Northern Michigan Woodlands and Meadows. The herbs we grow and harvest include but are not limited to Jewelweed,Plantain,Red Clover,Witch Hazel,Sage,Rosemary,Comfrey,Calendula,Wood Sorrel,Self-Heal,Yarrow,Ginseng,Goledenrod,Goldenseal,Wild Yam,Indian Tobacco,White Oak Bark,Tansy,Bethroot,Angelica,Bloodroot,Usnea,Black Cohosh,Solomans Seal,Cranesbill Root,Blue Cohosh,Dandelion,Wild Lettuce,Chickweed,Plantain,Blackberry,Bilberry and others.

We sell our products Retail and Wholesale to herb shops and health food stores across the country and also have the first American Herbal Soaps approved for sale in japan to be labled "All Natural". Private Label and custom formulation are available upon request.


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Check out our calender of events for the upcoming dates for Soap School - soap making classes designed for those who want to start their own home or farm based soap making business. Jewelweed Topical Mist with extracts of Wildcrafted Jewelweed, Witch Hazel, Comfrey Leaf, and White Oak Bark, Organic Aloe Vera Gel in a soothing, cooling mist. Effective for the stinging and burning of Poison Ivy, Poison Oak,

Schedule and Location:

Frankfort Farmers Market Saturdays 9-1

Schedule and Location:

Monday through Saturday, 10-5 at the Farm

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I have bought this (Jewelweed topical) in the past from this store on localharvest - just found their website and reordered....this stuff works! It's worth buying ahead to use if you even THINK you might have poison ivy! Great product, love your website!

You simply cannot do better than these two skin healing herbs! Along with the Jojoba Oil which is outstanding for skin and hair. Super fast absorption that is so similar to the sebum in our own skin and will not clog pores.... [more]

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When the farm goes downtown....


Well it's been a year since I posted  and what a year it was!  We figured out several new ways to use the herbs we grow in combinations of extracts, infusions, essential oils, hydrosols, and pastes to create a much larger variety of therapeutic products from the various crops.... [more]

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