Cree Farm

Purbred Nubian goats. Quality kids available seasonally. Check for occasionally available milkers.

We have large fowl chickens in the following breeds and varieties:

Marans, Bev Davis line (French feather legged, dark red brown eggs)

  • Black Copper and Blue Copper
  • Wheaten and Blue Wheaten
  • Ameraucanas (blue eggs)
  • Blue (black, blue and splash)
  • Brown Swiss cattle

    Located in Kitsap County

    Listing last updated on Feb 21, 2012

    We enjoy our Nubians emmensly. We're very excited to be working with Kastdemur & Jacobs Pride genetics. These animals are lovely to work with and hard working milkers. The cheese they help produce is wonderful. We entered the National ADGA compitition in 2010 and took 1st place in both classes. - 2012 Grade A Dairy remodel in progress.

    *Marans Chickens produces gorgous deep terracota colored eggs and a large carcass. Hatching eggs and chicks available.

    We feed organic grain.

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    Gary and Lisa shipped my starter flock of Wheaten Marans chicks (3 weeks old) in April 2011: 5 pullets, 1 cockerel (I'd ordered 3 pullets and 1 cockerel, they sent me two extras in case of "loss").... [more]

    Wow, the darkest Maran eggs ever! Thanks so much for all your help! We love this breed. More than just the good stock, Lisa is so informative on all aspects of raising chickens.

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    From Our Blog

    2012 Kidding season is underway


    Lucy and Sky have started kidding season off with nicely. Each with a set of twins.

    Kiawah and Kewanee are up next, followed by Joy and Dixie.

    2011 does, Golda and Jenna are due in April.

    We'll continue to post photos on our Facebook account,Cree Farm

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