Cress Collection

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Cress Collection

Five varieties of delicious Cress ~ wonderful accent green for salads and sandwiches! Harvest baby greens within 2 weeks!

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Once we and our market customers discovered cress, we would never be without it! These varieties of cress have become our favorite accent for salads, also wonderful in old-fashioned cress sandwiches. The pleasantly peppery taste is addictive!

Cress is outstandingly nutritious, offering more than 15 essential vitamins and minerals, and highly valued for its health-giving properties going back to Hippocrates.

Also prized by pet owners as a specialty green for birds, rabbits and other small herbivores.

Cress is exceptionally easy to grow, and you will have baby greens ready to eat within two weeks! Try a couple of these wonderful cresses, or the collection of all five:

  • European Watercress: a classic in European, and especially English, fare. Likes to grow in slow-moving water such as a pond or spring, but you can grow it in containers -- just keep very well watered.
  • Garden Cress: the first variety we grew, amazingly easy and fast! Plant early in the season and browse until it bolts in the summer heat. Pretty lacy leaves and delicate white flowers.
  • Pepper Cress: spicy flavor resembles watercress or a milder arugula. Perfect for kitchen window gardens!
  • Upland Cress: also called Winter Cress or Creasy Greens, a bit spicier than Watercress. Shiny, lobed leaves and yellow flowers.
  • Wrinkled Crinkled Cress: a very attractive ruffled version of garden cress, popular with chefs for its fancy appearance.
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