Critter Meadows Farm is home on a historical piece of property in Williamstown. The barn layout is still in its original state. Here on the farm is the home to dairy cows, goats, Chickens, rabbits and the lovely greeting dog Kita. The dairy herd contains mostly of Ayrshires and Milking Shorthorns. Between the cows and the goats they are pastured year around when weather is permitting. Their diets are mainly grass with little to no grain. They too are housed in a comfort stall barn where they are fed baleage in the colder months when we all are snuggled up in are warm houses. Here at the farm all the animals end up being pets and they 're life span is generally longer than most. Thats why we have cows 13years old and so forth. It may also be because we don't push them hard for milk production,and that they are certified organic cattle. They live they're lifes the natural way like back in the olden days.

Listing last updated on Feb 22, 2010

Critter Meadows Farm is a Certified Organic farm. We sell raw milk, Fresh eggs, Fresh Vegetables in the summer. If your in the area stop by we'll give you a tour of the farm, you'll be able to pat a cow, see the calves, pet the goats and even see the chickens. If its the right season we'll be able to show you the land and its beautiful brook and water fall.

Schedule and Location:

223 Gilbert Rd. Williamstown,Vt. 05679
Anyday during the daytime hours

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