Critterhaven raises a rare, heritage breed of hair sheep called Barbados Blackbelly. Hair sheep have no wool and do not require shearing or tail docking. Blackbelly sheep are a dual-purpose breed, providing delicious meat for the table and natural weed control.

We sell registered breeding stock as well as freezer lamb. Our sheep are raised chemical-free on grass in the summer and on alfalfa hay in winter. When pregnant or lactating, the ewes are supplemented with natural grains. Because blackbelly sheep are parasite tolerant and disease resistant, our sheep are raised without chemical intervention, requiring no vaccinations or parasite treatments. Blackbelly ewes breed throughout the year, making it easy to time lambings to meet market requirements and climate conditions. In addition, they regularly have twins, making it possible to have six lambs from a ewe in 18 months.

Blackbelly lamb is an exceptionally mild-flavored, lean meat guaranteed to please even those folks who say they "don't like lamb." Blackbelly sheep are a smaller breed and take longer to grow to freezer-lamb weight. The wait is worth it, however, because the meat sells itself. Having no wool (and thus no lanolin) to taint the flavor of the meat ensures that blackbelly lamb never tastes "muttony."

Critterhaven is proud to offer freezer lamb and quality breeding ewes and rams to customers eager to try something new. You can be part of a genetic-conservation effort as well as partake in what will most certainly be the finest meal you have ever eaten.


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Reserve your lean, tender lamb NOW. On-farm slaughter facilities are available. Registered breeding stock also available. Call 719-948-3773 for information.

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I've bought a couple of lambs from Critterhaven, and I couldn't have been more pleased. Most importantly, perhaps, the lamb is delicious - perhaps the best lamb I've ever had.... [more]

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