Crown Point Alpaca Farm at The Green Alpaca

Strafford, New Hampshire
Family Farm

Crown Point Alpaca Farm at The Green Alpaca

Welcome to Crown Point Alpaca Farm at THE GREEN ALPACA. We have expanded our farm to include not only our beautiful alpacas, but now are offering Yurt rentals and farm stays. If you would like to stay and learn about farming, or just want the chance to get away come and stay in our yurt! The yurt is nestled in a private setting far back from the farm, where you can come and re-new and re-green your soul. From your yurt you will hear the soothing sounds of the night owl,the whippoorwill and the peepers. You can find more info at We are also building a nature center here, and are presently planting a variety of plants thus enhancing the habitat of 3 endangered or threatened species.

We welcome visits and farm tours and just ask that although we are always here it is a working farm and would appreciate your call or email so that we can give our undivided attention to YOU! If you have always wondered "Why on earth do people want alpacas? We say Come visit and perhaps you will find that answer! Thanks for looking at Crown Point Alpaca Farm at The Green Alpaca and Come and Visit! Sincerely, Val, Gary and Annie Crown Point Alpaca Farm Team


Listing last updated on Nov 30, 2009

Come visit us at The Green Alpaca! Yurts, Alpacas, Farming, and nature center. Spend some quality time with the family. There are baby ducks, baby chicks, goats, turkeys, and little baby alpacas called cria's.

Schedule and Location:

The yurts are available for rental year round
The Farm is open to the public
Wed - Saturday 10- 3
Sunday by appointment only
Crown Point Alpaca Farm
654 Second Crown Point Road
Strafford NH 03884

Latest Reviews

Dear Val,

We are all very grateful to you for the tour of your farm--it was so informative, fun, and a great place to photograph. Maria Alejandra and Juan Pablo were still talking days later about the alpacas and everything else they got to experience and learn about that day; actually, we all did thanks to your willingness to share what you know.... [more]

I consider myself lucky to have been taken to the farm by friends of mine. I'd never seen Alpacas and didn't know anything about them when I arrived, but I had a wealth of amazing information to accompany me home.... [more]

As a new alpaca owner I boarded my animals with Val when the farm was just getting started. Val and Gary have worked extremely hard to turn a run-down, overgrown farm property into a growing farm venture with something for everyone.... [more]

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Wow does that sum up a lot!

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