Crystal Creek Farm

Our farm is small but our products are big in flavor, texture and nutrition. We supply restaurants, markets, our farm stand and with high quality fruits and vegetables. We employ bio-intensive practices including compost tea) to increase the life of our soil.

We prefer to use seeds that we have grown. We feel that the plants become acclimated to our local conditions and produce better crops than plants grown from purchased seed. All the seeds we use are organic unless we are unable to find an organic source. We do not grow any Genetically Engineered fruits or vegetables.

To minimize our impact on the environment we do the following: 1)drip irrigation in all our fields. 2)cover crop with an inoculated legume mix and under-sew with clover. 3)Our tractor and tiller use bio-diesel. 4)most weeding is done by hand.

Please call ahead to arrange a farm tour or to find out more about current products, prices and quantities available. Those interested in an internship positions should contact Allan Wilks.


Listing last updated on Aug 10, 2012

We are certified organic and our bio-intensive practices make our products even better. We are proud to have Dharma's Restaurant, New Leaf Markets and as customers. Thank you to those that shop at our farm stand.

Schedule and Location:

501 Happy Valley Rd, Santa Cruz, Ca. Open during daylight hours, everyday. This is an honor system stand and we honor your honesty. If you need assistance, come across the bridge to the large house on the left or talk to someone in the fields.

Basil, tomatoes, beans, squash, Cape Gooseberries, cucumbers, and eggplant are our largest wholesale products. We are also willing to grow specialty crops for specific customers.

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Charming farm and owner. We called and drove out from Gilroy. He went out of his way to wash and give fresh carrots to my kids. He even went to go see if he had any duck eggs for us and gave them freely.... [more]

Ah, those simple pleasures that make life worth living..

Last May, while thinning beets and pulling weeds in one of the fields at Allan Wilks' organic farm up Branciforte Road, I noticed a couple of rows of little strawberries.... [more]

The corn is sugar sweet, the squash is flavourful and tender, the Italian beans put French beans to shame, a raw heirloom tomato enhanced our pizza and changed it from good to "great!" And, the lettuce (Coz (sp?)) is crunchy and oh so delicious! They score a perfect 10!

Crystal Creek Farm is also a great place to visit in a country setting but not far from town.... [more]

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