CSA Egg Share

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CSA Egg Share

Farm-fresh organic eggs from our pastured heritage-breed chickens, ducks, and geese.

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We have several types of chickens including Dominiques, Lakenvelders, Hamburgs, Polish, Delawares, Buttercups, Barred Rocks, Turkens, Jersey Giants, and Ameraucanas. Our flocks are fed all-natural soy-free feed with none of the usual slaughter by-products. We blend our own five-grain feed with field peas, flaxseed, kelp and other natural nutrients and tailor it to the needs of our flocks. That said, our chickens get much of their nutrition from insects and living plants on pasture. They are never given antibiotics or hormones, and are pastured daily (weather permitting) and put up in their roomy, clean, predator-safe coop each evening.

Eggs produced our way have also been shown to have much lower cholesterol and higher vitamin levels than regular grocery store eggs. You'll see the difference in our eggs' richly-colored yolks that stand up firmly. Lesser eggs have flat, light-colored yolks with runny whites.

Since we raise many breeds, you'll receive various sizes and shades of brown and white eggs as well as some green eggs from our Ameraucanas. We are committed to preserving genetic diversity and most of our breeds are on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy endangered list.

Organic farming. It's in our nature.