CSA Step 2: Maintenance Fee

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CSA Step 2: Maintenance Fee

Contract with me to take care of your share of the herd.

CSA Details / Drop-Off - Delivery Information

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 Full Share-No Labor $64.00  Qty:
 Full Share-Milk&Chores $35.00  Qty:
 1/4 Share-No Labor-Mo $16.00  Qty:
 1/4 Share-Milk&Chores $10.00  Qty:
 1/4 Share-No Labor-Wk $4.50  Qty:

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Now that you have purchased a Milk Goat Herd Share you are the proud owner of a portion of a dairy goat herd. Contract with me to take care of your herd share for you.

MILK AND CHORES: $10/mo per quarter share. $35/mo per whole share. You milk once a week at your set milking time. You can milk by hand or with a hand vacuum pump milking machine. You keep your share of the milk. If you purchase a whole share you keep everything that you get. You also take care of the daily chores.
Plan to spend 90 minutes each week for milking and chores. During the learning phase (2-3 months) you should plan to spend 2 hours each week.

PICKUP ONLY: $4.50/week per quarter share, or $16/mo per quarter share, or $64/mo per full share. You pay me to take care of all of the animal chores for you. You come weekly at your scheduled time to pick up your milk (you get your share percentage or everything that came from your assigned milking session).

Quarter Shares. You will be working with another shareholder to complete the milking tasks and you will split what is produced for that milking session.

A quarter share produces +/- 1 quart per week and a whole share produces +/- 4 quarts per week.


We use natural practices with our animals whenever possible. An herbal wormer is used weekly and antibiotics are only used when a vet confirmed bacterial infection is present. All shareholders will be informed when a problem is found. Test results for goat health and milk safety are available for inspection upon request. Milk is tested by a lab after each kidding, quarterly, and any other time there appears to be an issue. Test results are usually posted in the files section of the CityFarmAustin yahoo group.

Come and enjoy farm life with us without all of the responsibilities yourself. Follow us on Yahoo Groups, Twitter, and Facebook.

Participation with food animals gives a new respect for the food we eat.