CSA:  Natures Own

Operates: May-October

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Contact Information

Scott Rowe
(732) 207-8959

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Natures Own Buying Club: $125 per month for two pickups, second and fourth Sunday 9-11am at the farm.

Each pick up you will get:

  • 2 dozen free range chicken eggs
  • $40.00 of meat selected from the list below
  • one value added item
  • $8.00 of veggies, depending on what is available
  • Steaks Tenderloin/Filet Mignon $22/lb Rib Steak bone-in $16/lb T-bone Steak $16/lb Porterhouse $16/lb Sirloin Tip Steak $14/lb London Broil $11/lb Flank Steak $11/lb Sirloin Steak $11/lb Brisket $9/lb Chip Steak (sandwich) $8/lb Roasts Rump Roast $10/lb Eye Roast $10/lb Round Roast $8/lb Top Round Roast $10/lb Bolar Roast (shoulder) $8/lb Chuck Roast $7/lb Other Cuts Ground beef $6/lb Short Ribs $8/lb Beef cubes $8/lb Tongue $8/lb Oxtail $6/lb Shin Meat $4/lb Liver/Kidney/Heart $3/lb Soup Bones $2.50/lb

    Chicken Whole chicken $3.25/lb


    CSA Details

    Season:  May through October

    Type:  single farm

    Full Share:  [li]4 week shares 75 dollars 5 lbs produce and one dozen free range eggs [li]400.00 for 8 lbs of produce and 1 dozen eggs weekly [li]500.00 for 15 lbs of produce and 2 dozen eggs weekly [li]700.00 15 lbs of produce 2 dozen eggs and 25 lbs of grass fed

    1/2 Share:  

    Work Req?  No

    Our Drop Offs and Delivery Areas

    Drop Off Point / Center of Delivery Area

    Pick Up / Drop Off Points

    at the farm  (Mon Fri Sat)
    set up a time for a weekly pick up

    Contact: scott rowe
    Phone: 732 207 8959
    448 lewistown rd
    columbus, NJ 08042

    Riverview Farmers Market  (Sun)
    member pick up their share at natures own farm stand

    Contact: scott rowe
    Phone: 732 207 8959
    Riverview-Fisk Park Palisade Ave between Griffith and Bowers
    jersey city, NJ 07307