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Cultivate Kansas City, formerly the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture, is a catalyst for the production and consumption of locally grown food in Kansas City neighborhoods.


Cultivate Kansas City works to create a Kansas City where:

- Sustainable, community- engaged farms are scattered throughout the metro, providing an abundance of fresh and healthy food to city residents, - There are opportunities for people to earn income through farming, - Unused spaces are turned to food producing farms and gardens, and - Appropriately-scaled agriculture is understood and practiced as an integral part of a beautiful, lively, and healthy neighborhood.

What we do

We grow food

We are farmers. Every day our staff is involved in growing food to feed other people. Our two-acre, certified organic vegetable farm is the basis for everything we do as an organization. We feed ourselves, we feed our families, we feed our customers, we feed the hungry. We work the soil, we plant, we weed, we harvest, we package, and we sell.

We grow farmers

We�??¢?¯?¿?½??¯?¿?½?re educators, trainers, facilitators, and organizers. At our Gibbs Road Farm, we train paid and volunteer apprentices in farming; more than 40% of our former crew members have gone off to start their own farms and to engage with food and agriculture as activists, business people, and leaders. Our Farm Business Development Program at Juniper Gardens helps new, limited resource farmers get started. And, across the city, we work with independently operated farms owned by individuals, by families, and by non-profits. Our goal is to help people grow food to feed other people, as businesses and as non-profit programs, and to help these growers learn the skills they need, access the resources that are out there for them, and develop farms that are productive, sustainable and engaged with their community.

We grow health

We help people eat more healthfully. Every week at the markets and through our CSA, we talk with people about how to cook, how to try new vegetables, how to expand their diets so they get the full range of nutrients and phytochemicals to be found in good, fresh, organic vegetables. Weekly shopping at the farmers�??¢?¯?¿?½??¯?¿?½? markets and getting their CSA bags of veggies helps people develop good eating habits; urban farmers like us support and reinforce healthy eating choices. Our Juniper Gardens Farmers�??¢?¯?¿?½??¯?¿?½? Market supplies produce for low-income people, at higher risk of health and diet related diseases. The Health Eating Education Team at Juniper, composed of residents from the neighborhood, do cooking demonstrations and education in the community, helping fellow community members (re)learn how great local produce is. The Beans&Greens program helps people on food assistance to buy their produce at local farmers markets by doubling the value of their SNAP and Senior Farmers�??¢?¯?¿?½??¯?¿?½? Market Nutrition Program Coupons at participating markets.

As urban growers, we inspire others to become growers. When a person grows food for themselves, they get exercise, they eat well and in turn inspire others to do the same!

We grow community

Cultivate Kansas City brings people together. We help farmers connect to each other. We help farmers connect to their neighbors and their community. We help communities connect to their farmers. We educate, inspire, and support the creation of learning circles, networks, and relationships, all based in the universal human practice of growing food to feed ourselves and others.

We grow a more liveable and sustainable city

We work with neighborhoods, community based organizations, design and planning professionals, and municipalities to help them take advantage of the environmental and design benefits of urban agriculture. Kansas City, like other cities, has a growing number of empty lots and under-utilized spaces that, when put to growing food, become assets to the neighborhood quality of life and to the city.


Every year, we offer paid and volunteer apprenticeships in partnership with the Growing Growers Training Program ( Apprenticeships, both paid and unpaid, are appropriate for people who are interested in various aspects of local, organic vegetable and herb production.

Please call us at 913-831-2444 or email info[at] We'll set up a time for you to come out to the farm and talk with us about your interests and skills and our needs and expectations.


We welcome volunteers of all ages, shapes and experiences! We believe people need to know how their food is grown and that getting your hands in the soil is a lovely way to learn.

Some of our volunteers come out for an hour or two, some come out for a day, others come out every week through the farming season.

Volunteers can help in the field, at the market, or with our other activities and programs. We need volunteers to assist us with activities ranging from fundraising to accounting, administration, graphic design, research, volunteer coordination, etc.

Please call us at (913)-831-2444 or email volunteering[at] if you would like to contribute your skills to our growing organization. We appreciate it greatly!


Listing last updated on May 23, 2011

Cultivate Kansas City is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation founded in 2004 to promote the production and consumption of fresh, local produce by growing urban farmers who are an active part of healthy neighborhoods in Greater Kansas City. We run the Gibbs Road Community Farm, a 2-acre, certified organic vegetable farm that sells at the Farmers' Community Market at Brookside and through a CSA.

Season:  May through October

Type:  3rd party CSA service

Since:  2004

# of Shares:  40

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Work Req?  No

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